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Fire & Water

So, as you can see, I am alive and well. Some of you who still read this may have been wondering, due to the fact that I live in the NYC area. Thankfully, Hurricane Sandy did not affect us much in our part of Queens; unfortunately, I can't say the same for some of my fellow New Yorkers in The Rockaways, Brooklyn, Long Island & Staten Island, the latter having the highest death toll of the 5 boroughs.

I've lately begun to feel antsy; there's only so much take, watching the news all day. I hate the fact that while I'm fortunate enough to still have power and a roof over my head, there are others who aren't so lucky. I hate knowing that, for some who (like me) still have their necessities and loved ones alive, life still goes on. Because of this, i can't just sit idly by, so I've decided to join up in relief efforts and get people together to donate things. I've an old elementary school friend who's collecting things to be donated next weekend, so I'm coordinating with her so she can pick up some things. At least it's something.

I feel so much for New York. As a self-proclaimed City Girl who loves writing about NYC and all its possibilities, it never seemed that something like this would be possible at all. The communities gone, the death toll, the gas shortages. It almost feels like something out of an apocalyptic disaster film.

But my hopes are high that NYC will go on again, just as it did 11 years ago, as trite as all of this sounds. We've always been tough and resourceful, I have no doubt that we'll recover.

In the meantime, I hope any LJers out there in the Tri-State area, not to mention the entire East Coast, are safe and sound. And if you are, let's do what little we can to help!

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days of inspiration.

Ode to a Kiss

We fell into it slowly, coursed through in waves that crashed back and forth.
The world closed around
us, on the cusp
of something great, something bigger than
ourselves, vast
and unknown, we were
r i d i n g o n t h e r u s h
as we tumbled

A breath. We dove in
for another go,
plunging deep, head-first.
The pressure, of handonhipteethtolip
weighed down on us
as we lost ourselves in the unseen beauty
of worlds below.

We come back up to check our pulse, our hearts racing
in percussive beats, pulsing like a blip on the radar.
I wanted to stay like this all night, wanted to dance
a slow waltz with you
on the sand, hear
our hushed declarations as they whispered
from our lips onto the wind,
seeking out the current.

A tidal wave of emotion reached its peak
with the clasp of a hand, a gentle touch
seeping with regret at every pore.
It’s a shame, really,
we think out loud as we
wonder why in the world
we never thought to go this far out,
discover what truly lay
beyond the border,
to cross/the boundaries between us.

We ventured back into tepid waters, avoided the dark abyss
we knew would eventually grab hold,
You said:
I wish I could give you more, and I struggled
to find a foothold in those words, to find
the meaning behind its sadness.

How could we have known that it would not be oceans
that kept us apart, but 3000 miles of land stretched out between us?
oh crap, holly

To Chaos


Every five and a half minutes, the universe expands four miles. 

A butterfly flutters its wings.  A pedicab speeds down the street.  2 strangers meet and collide in a city on an island of 8 million people.  On a Friday night in New York, our situation was sensitive and delicate, dependent on initial conditions – each of us, looking for the whole.  Could a connection be made amongst all this randomness?  Could a single night convert us into believers of the theory, turn this process into a state of becoming? I felt it felt us becoming felt every tiny bit of input, from a smile to the heat of your presence, head towards an overwhelming difference in output.  Felt the strange attractor soon cause turbulence to our stasis and pull us out of inertia. 

I felt it in the way I wanted to say: Let me be the center of your chaos.


A crash course in physics set us
into motion, making quantum leaps
over space and time, the trajectories of
our bodies colliding under bright neon lights. 
Your touch, sends currents of electricity jolting through me. 
Your kiss, signals waves of nostalgia crashing over me. 
The momentum increases FULL-SPEED AHEAD as our electrons attract,
random and unpredictable.


With you, I see a variety of possibilities:

You could be my Little Boy Atomic Bomb, you could be
the greatest destructive power that ever was, dropping in
on me like Hiroshima, leaving me
under your clouds of smoke, leaving me
in the wake of your chaos and shaking me
to the core.  Leaving me
in a

Leaving me.


I long to take that leap with you,
to traverse the universe and stretch into forever.  In a parallel universe,
would you be mine?  In another time and place,
could you                    fall
into my gravity, feel its pull
on your mass?

Could we be infinite?
                        In my universe, we could.

                                                                        We would.


No matter how much we question the theory
we can’t deny the physics, calculate
every orbiting motion and emotion,
dwindle it down to zeroes and ones,
to a

Complementarity cannot be solved.


You are a positive motivating force, making the panels of my heart flutter
at supersonic speeds like a butterfly in the Amazon.
I walk the streets of New York City, down the randomness of 14th Street, and I believe.
If with every action comes an equal and opposing reaction, then you are it –
you are the answer to the equation.

With you, I leap.
With you, I choose chaos.

days of inspiration.

Science vs. Romance

Author's Note: I've been meaning to, for a long time now, start a project based upon Physics terminology and theory.  This spawned from the word Inertia, which is a concept that has always fascinated me -- a force that is resistant to motion?  Story of my life!  I felt like this could eventually be a poem, or story, even.

Turns out it already was -- recently, a friend of mine had me read David Levithan's How They Met, & Other Stories, a collection of short stories the author had written for his friends on various Valentine's Days.  One story, entitled "A Romantic Inclination," did exactly what I wanted to do -- it used Physics terminology as a way to describe two people's apprehension towards love and the possibilities of a new relationship.

This, along with a conversation I had with my friend Crystal, had me wanting to delve into my own version of the project, which I'm sure is to be a constant (pun fully intended) work-in-progress.    Here's what I came up with, so far.  You can follow progress on my other work here.

Inertia: a property of matter whereby it remains at rest or continues in some uniform motion unless acted upon by some outside force; indisposition to motion, exertion or change.


You move me, pull me out of inertia and into motion,
make the panels of my heart flutter at supersonic speeds over land and sea, time and space,
from here to eternity and back, making quantum leaps, and
 I want to take that leap with you,
‘cause when you’re around me I’m radioactive, my blood burns the temperature rises the momentum increases FULL-SPEED AHEAD ‘til our electrons attract and collide,
random and unpredictable, until
friction turns into fission.

With you, I see a variety of possibilities.

You could be my Little Boy Atomic Bomb –
the greatest destructive power that ever was,
dropping in and leaving me
under your clouds of smoke, leaving me
in the wake of your chaos and
shaking me to the core, leaving me
in a black hole.

In a parallel universe, would you be mine?

With you, I feel the physics of nostalgia you send to me in waves, in bright neon colors.  With you, currents of electricity jolt from your touch through me.  I long for the trajectories of our bodies to traverse the universe and stretch into forever.  In another time and place, could you fall into my gravity, feel its pull on your mass?  Could we be infinite?

        In my universe, we could. 

                                                                        We would.

Could we solve the paradox?

Skip the questions.  Skip the physics.  Complementarity cannot be solved, you cannot trivialize it.  You cannot decode the ones and zeroes. 

If with every action comes an equal or opposing reaction, then you are it –
you are the answer to the equation,
the contradiction with whom I could coexist in this natural frame. 
You are a positive motivating force.  With you, I see only wavelengths of light. 

With you, I choose the path.

oh crap, holly

waiting for my rocket to come;

Had an interview yesterday for White Dove Vintage; nearly got lost on the way there.  It was off the Graham Ave. stop on the L train, in Brooklyn.  I eventually found it, and the woman behind White Dove, June, let me in.  She basically asked me things like if I was a student, where I go to school, what experience I have in terms of photoshop/social networking.  She was really nice, and seemed extra glad that I had extensive previous experience with the blogging world; she said that she'd initially tried to promote the company through a tumblr, but that it didn't work out, and they're considering Wordpress.  

  I even listed the differences between Wordpress and Tumblr (the main one being that the latter is short-form and more image-based blogging), and their pros and cons, and told her that she could try cross-platform blogging, and post images on tumblr, linking them to the main blog.  I think she was impressed.  I had already sent her a link to my blog, along with my resume, so she'd noted that not only did she find my blog cute, but that my knowledge of such would definitely be an asset.  

I should hear back by Monday or Tuesday -- fingers crossed!

In the meantime, trying to get into study mode, but spent most of the day asleep, as I'd been so exhausted from trekking all the way to Brooklyn.  I didn't even get to go to the Hunter Radio Station's 50s Dance party thing last night, and the outfit I'd worn to the interview would have been SO perfect for it, too.  Again, was too tired, and didn't have anyplace to wait at until the party, since no one was at OTR and I have virtually no key anymore ever since they changed the security measures and switched to card-swiping, access to which has been limited to only "top officers" (president, vice-pres, treasurer, etc.).  STUPID IDEA, if you ask me.

Anyway.  If you want more visual takes of my status updates, you can now go to http://robo.to/residentartist.    
(if you're really that bored, that is.)

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with my freeze ray, I will stop the world;

 Finally did my laundry, yay!  Listening to this as my clothes are a-tumblin':


Also finally filed my FAFSA today and found out I'm eligible for up  to 3500 in Pell, whee.  Now onto doing some research and cleaning my room!